This Is The Place You Should Be If You Are Having Trouble With Your Go-Ped

If your Go-Ped is deciding it doesn't want to run this is where you should be, follow this guide through from the start making your way checking each bit carefully and hopefully you should get the problem sorted out, if not you should really take it to a professional Go-Ped shop. Be careful as some of this can void your warranty!

Engine won't run

Step one:
Disconnect kill switch.
Look for the single black wire at the other side of the handlebars to the kill switch, it should lead into the frame, once you have found it pull it apart making sure none once it is disconnected that none of it is touching any metal on the Go-ped. Try starting the Go-ped now, if it starts it means that the kill switch must have been shorting out against some metal, check the throttle cable for any wear where it could be in contact with metal, if you find any wrap it up with some electrical tape, or just leave the kill switch disconnected, making sure the ends are wrapped up some it don't keep on shorting out.

Still didn't work?
Is the petrol tank filled up, have you used a petrol and oil mixture.
If it still isn't working read on...

Check the spark plug

Because spark plugs are so cheap and widely available it isn't worth mucking around to see if the work. Take out the old spark plug by using a special spark plug tool, or you might find it easier to take off the engine cover as it is a little bit tight. Once the new spark plug is in replace the cap tightly and start up the Go-ped. Be careful when replacing the spark plug of spilt petrol, etc., as it can catch light! If the Go-ped doesn't start up remove the spark plug and holding it about 1/4" from the cylinder head pull the start cord, you should get a good strong spark that jumps from the tip of the spark plug to the cylinder head. Keep pulling the start cord and moving the spark plug closer if you don't see a spark the first time.

Still no luck? Read on...

Check for fuel flow

So you have a great spark, now it's time to check for the fuel flow. Remember that petrol and carburetor cleaner are highly flammable!

Step one:
Clean the fuel filter.
The fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank at the end of the blue fuel line. Disconnect the blue fuel line at the carburetor and you will see if any fuel is going through the fuel filter from the petrol tank. If there is no fuel flowing from the carburetor or the fuel only trickles out, pour all the remaining fuel from the tank into a fuel can and then try blowing compressed air into the petrol tank through the blue fuel line.

Instead of filling up the tank, trying to start up the Go-ped and finding out that it still doesn't work, it is worthwhile doing the rest of this section.

Step two:
Replace fuel filter.
There should already be no fuel left in the tank, if there is empty it now. Gently pull the blue fuel line from the tank until the filter pops off inside the tank. Remove the old filter and feed the blue fuel line back into the hole until it pops out of the top of the tank. Either install a new fuel filter if you can get hold of one, or clean and replace the existing one, using warm water and soap, or special cleaner if you have got it. Gently pull the fuel line with the old clean or a new one filter back in into place.

Working yet, if not keep going...

Check the choke

There are only two problems which can affect a choke, they are;
leaky choke or a
loose choke
But in either case you should also check the exhaust for blockage.

Leaky Choke:
If the Go-ped is hard to start and you know that you have a good spark and good fuel flow then it's time to check for a leaky choke. The simplest way to do this is to choke the engine manually.
To choke manually remove the air box cover and the two foam air filters, then place your thumb over the carburetor's air intake hole and try to start. If the engine doesn't start try priming it and start it again.

There isn't much more which can be wrong with your Go-Ped keep reading and hopefully you'll be able to fix it...

If the engine starts then you may need to adjust the carburetor fix the choke or replace the air box. To visually inspect the choke for leaks, remove the two screws inside the air box. Since these screws also hold the carburetor in place be careful to only remove the air box and two screws. Hold the air box up to a strong light and inspect the choke for any light that may be shining through. If you can see light coming through or that the choke plate is bent then disassemble the choke and straighten out the choke plate then reassemble it. there should be no leakage whatsoever, if you are unable to fix the leak you may need to replace the air box.

Loose choke
If your Go-ped starts fine but looses power you will need to check for a loose choke. Move the choke up and down, it should stay in place without slippage, if this isn't the case read on;
To fix this you will need to remove the air box and the two foam air filters, be careful to only remove the two screws from inside the air box as they hold on the carburetor too. Disassemble the choke assembly and file down the small brass washer on the engine side about the same thickness of the choke pate then reassemble the choke. Check to see if the choke stays in place now, if it still moves you may need to replace this part.

Go-Ped working but got a loss of power? Check the exhaust...

Check the exhaust

The most common thing that can block the exhaust is the tube that goes from the muffle to the tube on the frame. Inspect the tube for folds or pinching. Remove and clean it if you need to, maybe even replace it. You can always leave the exhaust tube off, it won't block again, increase performance a bit, but on the other hand it makes it a bit louder.
Another thing that can cause the Go-ped to lose power or make hard to start is if the exhaust becomes clogged with carbon, the black stuff often found on the bottom pipe. Your Go-ped's muffler should have air flow through it easily.
Before you remove the muffler make sure it is cool enough to touch as it can get very hot! To clean the muffler you need to remove the petrol tank and cover over the engine and muffler. After you have removed the petrol tank and engine cover, remove the cable tie holding the exhaust tube and the two allen bolts holding the muffler, de-coke the muffler with a special cleaner of soak it in solvent to remove all the carbon inside. If you cannot remove the blockage you might consider replacing the exhaust of go for a tuned pipe.

Inspect Drive Spindle

If your motor is running rough or you seem to have a lot of rear wheel wear stop riding immediately and check the following things; Always remember that if the engine ever makes a strange noise stop riding straight away as you could totally destroy it! Not all noises though mean the engine is going to explode, for example, if you damage the side cover of the pull start cover it will rattle a lot.

Step one:
Inspect the drive spindle.
To inspect the drive spindle remove the rear tire totally by taking of the quick release and unscrewing the wingnut. Check the drive spindle to see if any bits of the grip has corroded away, this will be the cause if you have a lot of misshapen rear tire wear. If this is the case you will need a new drive spindle. If that isn't your problem read on...
Grab the drive spindle between two fingers and wiggle it. You should be able to move it around with ease, if you cannot move if stop riding immediately! You should then contact a local Go-ped dealer for information on crank shafts and spindles.

Tire Wear

If you tire has become unrounded there are a number of solutions for this;

You are making turns harder on one side of your Go-Ped than another, if this is the case try to turn with the same force both sides, or turn the wheel round.

If you are getting a lumpy wheel check your spindle to see if has corroded away, if so you will need to but another one, try to get a stainless steel spindle as they are a lot better.

If you have got lots of cracks and holes in your wheels if is probably from where you have run over some gravel and it has got suck in the spindle and ripped chunks out the wheel, solution: be more careful!

If you do have uneven tire wear you shouldn't swap your front and back tires around because it puts stress on the brakes.

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